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This bird, you guys.

For several days there was this weird, echoing tapping noise emanating from the still-unfurnished part of the house. Every time I went to look for its origin it stopped.

Last weekend I finally spotted the culprit: a robin clinking its beak on the window like it’s asking to come inside. I can’t get a good picture or video, because of course it flies away as soon as I get near the window.

I dunno what it wants but we’re going on two weeks of tapping.

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68 and snowing. That’s a new one.

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'I Never Told Anyone Not to Vaccinate'

In a veiled apology this week, Jenny McCarthy again illustrated that health science and culture are inextricable. Vaccination is among the few definitive tenets of disease prevention, but because of rampant misinformation, fear, and scientific illiteracy, rare infections have come back to life. What’s to be done about that.

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Oh, right. Okay. Sure, lady.

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Some fetal cells find their way through the placenta and into the mother’s bloodstream. They will grow in her blood and organs, and even in her brain, for the rest of her life, making her a genetic chimera.

Menstruation: What is the evolutionary or biological purpose of having periods? - Quora


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Anyone who doubts that mammalian reproduction is creepy - or that placental cells do many of the same things cancer cells do - should think about this for a second.

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I work with those fetal cells in the mother’s bloodstream, it’s sometimes cool.

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Here Is When Each Generation Begins and Ends, According to Facts


IDK about this though. The first 3 make sense b/c they’re pretty solidly agreed upon. I would argue however, that Gen Y IS a thing, because I see a pretty distinct difference with myself; someone who was born in the late 80s and grew up in the 90s/early 00s, and someone born in the mid-late 90s and grew up in the 00s. But maybe that’s just me…

According to this I’m a Gen Xer, a Gen Yer, AND a Millenial.


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He lodged himself in the chair in a forlorn attempt to avoid bedtime.

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Chemists Decree: Don’t Pee in the Pool

Here’s the thing. One-piece bathing suits, when wet, are very annoying to take off. And when you’re swimming three hours a day, as I did for practice on my high school swim team, climbing out of the pool, taking it off, and putting it back on every time you have to use the bathroom starts to feel burdensome. So maybe you just… go…somewhere in between the one millionth and one millionth and first lap you’ve swum that day.

Urine is sterile, and chlorine is sterilizing, right? This is the justification we offered ourselves, to counter our shame. Plus, decorated Olympic swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte do it.

Turns out that was a pretty bad idea, for more reasons than just the ick factor. A new study published in the American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science & Technology, looked at the chemistry of what happens when urine meets chlorine, and it isn’t pretty.

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Please just don’t pee in the pool. Or the tub. Or even the shower.

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He thinks he’s cool.

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Signs of life.
March 22, 2014

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