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Posted 5 days ago

Skill I clearly need to learn.

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Ha, apparently that was my thousandth Tumblr post. How appropriate.

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So how does that work, exactly? Did they just trap all the innocent Gallifreyans in like, a time bubble with the crazyass Time Lords who want to blow up the universe? Cough cough Rassilon, cough cough? And now the 11th Doctor’s going to have to go kill them AGAIN? Since that’s basically where the 10th Doctor is going from there and what’s making him regenerate?

Ugh. I was optimistic, but bleh. Just bleh. The Doctor destroying his own people is the major thing that made the show so emotionally powerful. Now it’s just boring.

Posted 10 months ago

My head may have just exploded a little.

Posted 10 months ago

He’s on to me.

Toddler: My love Thomas! Mama love Thomas?

Me: No, I don’t love Thomas.

Toddler: Mama love Doctor Who!

Me: …Yes.

Posted 1 year ago

Doctor? Is that you? Why are you driving a minivan?

Posted 1 year ago

Well at least I’m sure he’s my kid.

Mini-Marmot likes TV, but ONLY Sesame Street and Doctor Who - nothing else. Even Thomas the Tank Engine didn’t hold his attention for more than a minute.

Until today, when I was flipping through channels and came across Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He’s totally into it. I bet he’ll be reading the books inside four years.

Posted 1 year ago

So. Proud.

The one-year-old barely talks but today he pointed at the Doctor Who opening and yelled “TARDIS! TARDIS!”

Posted 1 year ago

Note to self.

When you receive a TARDIS bathrobe for Christmas (thanks, Mr. Marmot!) your Doctor Who-loving toddler will be very very confused, and try to open it to go inside.

I keep telling him it’s not really bigger on the inside, but he doesn’t listen.

Posted 1 year ago

Doctor Who spoilers.

So talk about mixed feelings.

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Posted 1 year ago

Pretty sure this is supposed to be the Doctor at my local Whole Foods.

Why is another question.

I mean, aside from the obvious that the Doctor is cool.

Posted 1 year ago

I’ve created a monster.

And by “monster” I actually mean Whovian.

He’s sick as a tiny little dog, but he still happily points at the screen and says “Doctor!!” during the opening credits.

Posted 1 year ago

Via the power of Netflix (and the Time Vortex) I have travelled into the future and am now watching the 8th season of Doctor Who.

Posted 1 year ago

You know you’ve been watching too much British TV when…

You’re in line at FAO Schwarz, half-listening to the family behind you discussing their plans in the city, and it takes you the entire wait in line to notice they’re English. Londoners, from the accent.

You refer to collective items like bands as plural unintentionally, i.e. “Coldplay were a pretty good band” instead of “Coldplay was a pretty good band.” I totally disagree with the British usage in this instance, and I would never consciously say that. Not that I consciously adopt any new idioms or usages. Although I did stop saying “pop” because I got no end of shit for it in college.